Avramopoulos files criminal report against protected witnesses in Novartis case

European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos lodged a criminal report with the Supreme Court prosecutor on Friday against the two protected witnesses in the Novartis case for perjury, slander and false accusations.

The Commissioner called on the court to investigate the involvement of other persons, moral instigators and accomplices who may have participated in or committed other crimes, which can be persecuted of its own motion. He also submitted a request with the deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who oversees the Corruption Prosecution, to immediately revoke the provisions used to grant the protected status to the two witnesses.  «In a 2,500-page case file there are only two paragraphs referencing my name based on the two false witnesses and there isn’t a single word of these statements that is not false, self-evidently and obviously. Their inclusion in the witness protection status should be re-examined by the Honorable Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court so that the relevant provisions are revoked and false witnesses are brought to justice and punished for the crimes they committed with their statements,” he said.